Future Tasks

BioHexagon is an SME in the field of Biomedical Research and Technology. With our long specialized experience and multidisciplinary expertise, we can be a valuable partner competently adding value in joint efforts.

Among other initiatives, our future tasks include collaborations with partners, such as:

  • Existing or developing consortia, clusters & networks for biomedical research and technology. In this area we seek partnerships oriented to innovative ideas and products as well as enhancement of human power scientific excellence.
  • Industrial environments involved in prototyping and/or manufacturing and/or distribution of surgical implants as well as products related to prosthetic-orthotic rehabilitation. In this area we seek partnerships with end users, distributors etc., for an enhanced exploitation of our medical innovation portfolio. 
  • Computational environments with expertise in the simulation of biomechanical musculoskeletal or craniofacial systems, simultaneously involving soft/hard biological tissues and medical devices. In this area we seek partnerships to enhance simulation services for medical, surgical as well as industrial and recreational applications.