Postgraduate Level

BioHexagon offers Specialized Programmes of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Professional Education Courses ( pdf )

At  Postgraduate Level  we offer a Modular Educational Programme in English, for University graduates (e.g. Engineering or Health Science background) who wish to continue their studies in Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering or other pertinent specialty and have no previous expertise in such disciplines. The Courses can be modular and the period of study is determined by the specific needs of candidates.  


List of  representative topics: 
Lab applications:
Biomechanics (e.g. musculoskeletal)
A series of biomedical applications in the domains of Biomechanics, Biomate­rials, Medi­cal Devices and more.
Biomaterials (e.g. orthopaedic implants) 
Rehabilitation (e.g. Prosthetics / Orthotics)  
Biomedical aspects of other Clinical fields
English for academic purposes including terminology, methodology, writing etc.






  PLACEMENT    Our Postgraduate Candidates  may also benefit from Education Councilling and Placement to optimize their profile presentation and maximise their chances to get an offer from a European University. Additionally they can be assisted and advised on accommodation, registration procedures etc.



 " Our established R&D experience, at the service of your studies "

Evangelos A. Magnissalis

MechEng MSc, BioEng PhD

General Director